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Friday, April 5, 2013

Youth Football Spring Training Preparation

After the winter break from football,and with spring football just around the corner, nows the time to begin reviewing our drills and practice plans for the upcoming spring camps that soon will be upon us. Lets face it we're only human and we need to review our football stuff to make sure we're up to snuff when the camps begin. Theres nothing worse than a coach showing up for a Spring camp session with many enthusiastic kids ready to go, hungry to play football, to find the coach not prepared or trying from memory to run a practice. Not a good plan my friend! Instead as coaches we need to be organized in our drills, and come prepared with a great practice plan.So take the time now to reveiw to yourself what you teach funadamentally and have a fluid organized practice that has the kids chomping at the bit to come back for more. Spring football is fun, its refreshing and exciting and a great time to coach without the pressure of preparing for a game. Cheers!

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