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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The New Coach, What Next?

Hurray! After wondering what was going to happen with that coaching application you've been notified that you've been selected to be the Head Coach. What next? Well, for starters, get yourself organized as try-outs will be soon and you want to have all in order prior to your training camp. Surround yourself with good people. Select yourself a good team Manager that is organized and reliable and most of all will have your back. Select somebody that is a good communicator as a lot of their work will be communicating practice times, game dates, tournaments, schedule changes, co-ordinating parent volunteers, etc. Understand that your manager will be as busy as you are coaching so it's important that they are as motivated as you are. A good manager will complete the package as far as what it takes to run a good and successful program and take on a lot of duties that are necessary to run a program. This will free you up to do what you love to do and that's coach.
Secondly, surround yourself with a dedicated and knowledgeable coaching staff. Explain to them your philosophy and give them their coaching assignments. Allow them to have input within your philosophy and system. No input and they will lose interest. Yea, you're the Head Coach alright, however, their input is important, and offer another point of view especially when game adjustments are a factor. My experience with assistant coaches was to let them do what they do best and that was to coach. Challenge them to be better but never in front of the team. Face all challenges as a team, trouble-shoot together, debate scenarios, and support each other. Ultimately, there will be times that you will be challenged as the Head Coach to make the final decisions. But if your coaching staff has input it can be a lot easier.


Points to consider before becoming a Volunteer Youth Coach

Hi, once again. Today, I would like to blog about the responsibilities preparing to be a coach, and the things that you should consider prior to, becoming or applying for that position.
First of all, the most important point is that you have to be passionate about the sport that you will be coaching. Do it because you love it, not because you feel obligated to become involved for whatever reason, but for your true love of the game. Be enthusiastic and positive and you'll find it becomes contagious with the people and players that are around you. Understand that there is as much work outside of the activity as there is in it. Administrative paperwork, registrations, team and league meetings are time consuming for a volunteer and can be costly at times. You almost have to look at your coaching assignment as being a hobby. Like all hobbies that we enjoy, they do in the end cost money, but all in all the enjoyment that we get out of it is worth the cost associated with it. In some coaching assignments, one can be reimbursed for their costs, however, for the most part; a volunteer youth coach receives little or no compensation. Understand that you will be dealing with a lot more than your players. There will be issues at times, questions to answer, happy and unhappy parents, fans, grandparents, etc. Accept the fact that the role of the coach will have its ups and downs and you will never make everybody happy. For the most part if you can keep the majority happy most of the time you're doing a good job!