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Monday, June 7, 2010

Football Defence Discipline

As we have all heard many times, defence wins championships! A solid system with players committed to their assignments with good fundamentals paves the way to defensive success.

Its really very simple!

Do your assignment and do it well within the system, don't try to over play into somebody elses assignment and be disciplined within your assignment. These are the keys to having that championship defence.

The higher the level of competition the more important it is for the football players to be disciplined within their assignments otherwise they are like a fish out of water and are vulnerable to failure. With so many eyes watching these days these are the players that opposing offensives seek out and go after. They're like sitting ducks! An undisciplined defensive player doing his own thing out there will be exposed and manipulated and have you pulling out your hair.

Player selections for your defence are important for a solid disciplined defence. Be carefull of those players that are disciplined all week in practice and then are exposed on game day as they decide to do their own thing. Yea, against the weaker teams they'll be fine but in the championship game will be exposed and cost you possibly the win.

Good discipline equals good defence!