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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Football Practice Tips:You play like you Practice !

Its true, really, don't ever think otherwise. Your team will be as good as they practice.If they practice hard at a high tempo with a good practice plan in place with limited down time. They will be efficient on the field during the game. If they don't practice hard with a lot of down time and a limited practice structure the result on the field will be disheartening and frustrating. Challenge your players to practice hard at a high tempo. Encourage them not to walk but to jog betweeen practice elements. Insist that they always keep their helmets on except for designated water breaks. Stay on top of them relentlessly to work hard and be their best. Challenge them physically and mentally by working them in their assignments when they are fatigued. Follow your practice plan and work them hard! Make the practices harder then the games and you will see the results on the scoreboard.