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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Offensive Tackles Rank high In NFL Draft

Have you seen any of the mock NFL drafts yet ? If you do check it out you'll see that in the top ten mock selections that the offensive tackle position ranks right up there as far as one of the most sought after positions in the NFL draft.

Why is that?

Well if you consider that in the NFL a new breed of hybrid defensive ends has emerged that are big athletic and very fast, its not hard to figure out why the OT position has become high in importance. These athletic defensive ends can create a lot of problems for your offence with their speed and strength and if you don't have a offensive tackle that's just as athletic and strong, then your in for a long day on the grid-iron!

If you check the salaries in the NFL in regards to the offensive line you'll see that the highest paid offensive linemen in the NFL are offensive tackles, particularly the ones who cover the backside of the quarterback. Every season you hear the experts talk about O-line and the Tackle position and how it has emerged as the anchor position. A good offensive tackle can take on the rush and speed of the defensive end which creates time and space for the quarterback. With this time and space most quarterbacks in the NFL will be able to pick apart a defensive secondary, without it they're on the ground!

Consider now for a moment just how big, strong and athletic these Offensive Tackles have to be and also consider that they have to be fast enough to take their drop-steps back quick enough while engaging the end, who probably runs a 4.5 sec 40 yard dash. They're big men that are athletic, strong and fast.

They're also very hard to find! If you've coached football and particularly offence, then you know that it all begins and ends with your offensive line irregardless of who you have at your quarterback or running back position.

You need a solid offensive line!