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Monday, March 7, 2011

Free Youth Football Plays

Consider your Personell when Reviewing Free Football Plays

As a youth football coach that has been coaching in football for many seasons one of the things that I like to do is to get on the internet and review free playbooks. The reason being is that I like to kind critique them to see if the average youth football coach would easily be able to interpret these football plays and be able to implement them as part of their own football systems. I think that for the most part the average youth football coach will be able to understand the concepts but for the new youth football coach that is just taking over a program for the first time some of these playbooks can be confusing. As well, they can be too technical at times and really, be too much for your youth football team to really grasp. Basically, the rule of thumb when reviewing free football playbooks is that if you as a football coach don't get it, then you can guarantee that your youth football players won't get it as well.

Personally, I think that less is better!

If you are looking at these free playbooks on line, they have to be suitable to the type of personnel that you have on your youth football team. You cannot ask your players to perform in a system that they don't have the tools to operate in. What you really want is a simple but effective system, something that is easy to teach, and something that your youth football players will thrive in.