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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Youth Football Spring Training Preparation

Spring is right around the corner and after a long winter I'm starting to think about the upcoming 2014 football season, our depth chart, as well as potential newcomers that will join our football team. As well, I'm currently evaluating our football systems in order to determine whether or not our current system compliments the abilties of our returning players. This is a very important component of being an effective football coach as sometimes we get so wrapped up in our system of choice that we fail to see that it does not fit the abilties of our players. The worse thing we can do as coaches is implement a system that our players will fail in. A good coach will recognize the strengths and weakenesses of his players and implement a system that they will thrive in! Other factors to consider would be where your football players are as far as experience and maturity and what they can handle.If you are in year one of a three year rebuild then probably your system should be simple but effective. At this stage players would be struggling with terminology and position assignments which basically is the "growing pains" of coaching a young team therefore you want to keep things simple but effective and keep building on it as they mature. Cheers!