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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Fullback vs. H-back

Is the fullback position in football being slowly pushed out in favour of the hybrid H-back? My generation of football always featured a power I formation that featured a powerful crushing fullback blocking for a speedy athletic tailback. Until recently the fullback position was very prominent in most all offensive formations but in today’s football game it appears that the blocking fullback is being pushed out in favour of a more dynamic H-back that can line up as a receiver as well as in the backfield. Does it mean that in time the fullback position will be eliminated? No, not at all my friend! What it means is that for now the H-back is a more popular choice for offensive co-ordinators trying to gain an advantage over traditional defences in spreading out the defence as well as looking for mis-matches in downfield coverage. It’s all part of the evolution of the game of football. Similar to the ideas of the Wildcat formation which jumped on to the scene several years back with success, the H-back formation will have its success for awhile and then the game has a funny way of moving on or back to something else. Cheers!