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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New York Jets Walk the Talk: Is this the new NFL?

I must admit that I was surprised on Sunday after the New York Jets defeated the New England Patriots 28-21 in what can be described as a defensive masterpiece versus Tom Brady's Patriots. With all the hype and the trash talk leading up to the game I thought for sure that it would motivate the Patriots. But in the end the Pats were motivated but were defeated by a more motivated and determined, well prepared football team.

But what about all the trash talk, character attacks, and call -outs between players? Is this the new NFL?

Clearly, the media fed on these comments and the build-up to the game was enormous but do we want this in our sport?  With all the social media thats available today do we want our ten year olds to trash talk each other the days leading up to the game?

Certainly Not! Wheres the professionalism and at the end of the day what are we teaching our youth?