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Monday, March 28, 2011

Linebacker Keys: Effective Block Shedding Technique

To be an effective inside linebacker it's important to get to the ball on every play from the line of scrimmage. For the most part there will be blockers along that path to the ball and it's important that the linebacker has a good block shedding technique in order to take on blockers, shed them, and get to the ball. As important as tackling is in football, it's also very important for linebackers to learn effective block shedding techniques.

One of the most effective block shedding techniques is called the two point punch.

In the two point punch the linebacker when engaging a blocker would strike the blocker with his two hands on the blockers shoulders and fully extend his arms in what we refer to as "locking out". The strike to the shoulder area should be quick and with authority causing the blocker to lose momentum. The extension and locking out of the blocker is another effective technique to keep the blocker off the linebacker and gain separation.

Finally, to complete the block shedding process the linebacker would use a "rip technique" whereby he would disengage his backside arm, push on the play-side shoulder and rip across the front of the blocker with his backside arm and leg to completely shed the blocker and get to the football. The two point punch block shedding technique would be practiced in your group work segment of your practice plan within your linebacker group.


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