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Monday, April 18, 2011

Football Offensive Line Tips: Strong Side

Implement a strong side Offensive Line

Coaching in youth football you are sometimes faced with the challenge of not having enough quality offensive linemen in order to have the five interior offensive line positions filled. Sometimes as football coaches, especially in small football programs, you just don't have enough linemen.

With the season upcoming there are options.

One of the things you can consider is to implement when coaching in football is a strong side offensive line. What this consists of is taking your two best offensive linemen and let them play beside each other such as in a Guard/ Tackle Combo and run the majority of your running plays behind this combination of offensive linemen. As well, if you're short at the Center position one of the things you can do is take one of your linebackers and make them into a Center. Now, you have an athletic Center that can move, and likes to be physical. On your backside or your weak side of the offensive line, take a couple of your slower defensive linemen and place them as the weak side Guard/ Tackle combo.

Whereas the majority of the running plays will be called to your strong side, coach these two weak side players to have tight splits and not allow any backside penetration that potentially will kill your strong side run. As well, teach them one inside run play to their side such as a counter play. This will be a play you can use when the defense has adjusted to your strong side. Another play you can teach them is a backside lead just off the outside hip of the tackle. Compliment your inside five offensive linemen with an athletic slot back that can possibly play tight end as well. Take your other inside linebacker and let him play some fullback so you now have another block at the point of attack. No doubt the defense will cheat on your strong side but keep them guessing and moving by flipping your strong side offensive line from left to right.