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Monday, December 19, 2011

Football Multiple Defence

In order to have an effective and efficient defence it must have the ability to change, bend or flex into a multiple look. That is your defence has to be able to adapt to whats presented to it. As a defensive co-ordinator its important that your defence has the abilty to counter the many different looks that an offence can present on a given series. Todays offence is very flexible and can shift from a run formation to a shotgun spread formation on the fly. Its important that your football defence is able to do that as well. A lot of teams have incorporated a multiple defence with the abilty to shift to different fronts and coverages without substitutions. Gone are the days where yoor football defence stays in the same front for the entire game. Its all about being able to adapt on the fly on a given series to what the offence is presenting otherwise your run stopping front may be great on first down but be very vulnerable when the offence switches to their shot-gun spread formation on the next play.