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Monday, May 31, 2010

Youth Football Spring Camp Analysis

Spring camp is over and now comes the time to evaluate your players, playbooks, and practice plans. Hopefully you were able to get everything in that you wanted to get in including an exhibition scrimmage or inter-sqaud game so that you now can evaluate your program prior to the start of your training camp in 3 months.

Nows the time to evaluate your players within the depth chart and perhaps you've realized that the player slated for that offensive guard position might be better on the defensive side of the ball or that new fangled offence is just not going to cut it with your present group of players or your athletic running back is not what you think, and might be used elsewhere.

Whatever it is, evaluate, make your decisions, and move on to your fall camp planning. The worst think that you can do is to get into your fall camp and wonder about plays, players, and practices and be spinning your wheels trying to decide on stuff with a game on the horizon. Its easier to do that now in the spring.

Make your decisions now based on what you have seen in your spring football camp, make yout adjustments and relax now for the summer!