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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Equipment Must Fit Properly

Have you checked out the gear thats available today for your kids? A far cry from the hand me down equipment that we all wore back in the day when used equipment was the norm. Besides, nobody really cared what kind of gear you wore back then, we were all just happy to be playing! Not that way now! Equipment design today is pretty cool and the prices are can be reasonable. However,the sky can be the limit when it comes to buying equipment.
Theres really no need to be paying through the teeth for gear, but at the same time you want decent quality, so that your athlete is protected. In the end you can never go wrong by buying quality gear. For the most part it protects better and is more durable. If your budgets tight there are some pretty good used equipment stores around, and you can by high end gear that is hardly used and still give quality protection. The main thing whether its new or used gear is that it fits properly. If its too big or too small its no good. It must fit properly otherwise it won't protect! Improperly fitted gear can take away from performance. Too big and it flops around, too small or too tight and you can't move, or its uncomfortable.