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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Motivated New England Patriots will Defeat Jets

As a football coach, one try's to avoid bulletin board material of any means that will provoke an opponent, especially, a good opponent to be motivated to play, to practice hard, and to study film. As we anticipate a great match-up this weekend between the Jets and the Pats you can bet for sure that the Patriots will be highly motivated and prepared for their play-off game. Especially, after the comments directed at quarterback Tom Brady last week from Jets head coach Rex Ryan in reference to the difference between Brady and Colts pivot Peyton Manning in regards to film study and game preparation calling Manning " one of the best ones" while Pats quarterback Tom Brady is only successful as a result of his association with Head Coach Bill Belichick.

And would you want to face a motivated Tom Brady?

Now this week, Rex Ryan goes on record in the news media stating that he will raise the bar and out coach Belichick! I certainly agree that he tried to be too complicated in his defensive schemes in the 45-3 blowout win at home but I can't understand why he wants to shake the lion's den and motivate the Patriots to practice hard this week.

The only thing I can see with this strategy is to divert the attention off his talented but inexperienced quarterback Mark Sanchez.

Certainly, the Jets are talented enough and well coached enough to defeat the Patriots. However, I think the best approach would be to up-play the regular season 45-3 loss and lull the Patriots into a sense that it will be easy pickings once again, keep the quiet approach and be humble in the media while driving it into your team the fact that they kicked your ass in the last meeting. Perhaps the Seahawks demonstrated this approach the best and lulled the Saints to believe it would be easy once again and we all know what the outcome was!

There's no doubt that in the 45-3 regular season game that the Patriots were highly motivated! There's also no doubt that this week in the Patriots locker room the word "RESPECT" is written somewhere on the blackboard.