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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Youth Football Dynamic Warm-up

Football is a game that is continuously evolving. New ideas, strategies, and systems continually evolve as our game improves each and every season. Practice time seems to be getting tighter and tighter and coaches are always tweaking their practice plan to make it more efficient.

One of the latest ideas that a lot of programs are doing now is to incorporate their dynamic warm-up as part of their individual position group. That is rather than have the whole team do their dynamic warm-up as one group, send them to their individual groups at the start of practice and let them warm up by doing their positional footwork and agility drills with their position coach.

When you think about it, especially at the younger levels, warm-up time can become fool around or social time pretty fast if you’re not on top of it. Breaking down the large team group and sending them to their positional groups for the dynamic warm –up will be more productive. In the end you accomplish the same thing and save yourself 15 minutes of practice time.