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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Youth Football Linebackers: Read the Offensive Guards

Did you ever consider training your inside linebackers to read the offensive guard that they play over? By learning how to read the guard your linebacker will make quicker decisions, and react better to the ball.
Lets face it , at times its easy to lose sight of the football and mis-direction can play havoc with your linebacker. The key? Train your backers on how to read the guard and take the guessing out of their game all together!

Hows it done?

Well, its not too difficult. Basically you read whether or not its pass or run by he way the guard moves on the snap of the ball. Most of the time the guard is in a three point stance. On a run play he will cross the line of scrimmage and block and on pass he will not cross the line of scrimmage and pass block On a pitch he will usaully pull to the play side and on a trap play he will pull to play side. When he down blocks expect a run to that side as well as another linemen downblocking on the middle linebacker.

By training your linebackers to read the guards it just gives them another tool in the chest towards effective linebacker play.