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Coaching Youth Fooball - Football Plays

Friday, May 6, 2011


There's a lot to consider when planning football drills for a youth football camp. As a position coach my drill plans not only have to be effective but have to consider the age of each group that rotates through as well. Consider that with all the various age groups from Mosquito football players to High School, my practice plan for each specific football groups will have adapt in order to reflect the age and maturity level of each group that rotates through my station.

There are drills that I have planned for High School players that I know are not suitable for Mosquito or Atom level players so my practice plan will have to reflect this and adjust to each level that rotates through my station. My main goal for this regardless of what drill I am running and what age group is running through is that they have good form and technique. In other words, they must do each drill with a purpose and not just for the sake of filling in time getting them to do something.

I will emphasize form and technique even in the simplest drills.

So my practice plan will involve all drills starting in their position stance followed by a lot of movement and change of direction drills all the while emphasizing good form, technique and body position. I plan on having an assistant coach run the drills while I observe each player. This will allow me to talk to players individually without stopping the drill and coach up and correct their form if necessary!