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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Simple Defensive Line Key versus Zone Blocking Scheme

When coaching up your defensive line a lot of youth football coaches will give their defensive line either a man or gap assignment. In man the defensive linemen reads the offensive linemen based on his first step whether it be left or right or a drop step which would indicate pass. The step direction will determine the play and what side the ball will be going to based on the direction step of the offensive linemen. The d-lineman is taught to read the step, mirror with the O-linemen and fight to get up field and not get scooped or washed down. Usually when they are late reading the step they do get scooped as they are beat either on their outside or inside shoulder giving the O-linemen leverage to seal. One of the things you can do early in the season is start to teach your defensive line to read and mirror the offensive linemen’s first step. Through repetition and practice, it can be done quite easily and you keep practicing it until the defensive linemen is as quick stepping as the offensive linemen. This creates problems versus an effective zone blocking scheme as the defensive linemen begins to beat the offensive linemen to play side or maintain leverage so not to get scooped. Cheers!