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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Football Coaches Evaluation

As football coaches we can get pretty wrapped up in our systems spending endless hours trying to tweek and improve our offence or defence in order play more efficient football. As football stategies, systems or philosohies are a personal choice made by all football coaches there's only one true way to get a evaluation on your systems and thats to sit dowm with another coach that you trust and know is knowledgeable and have him critique your teams performance. I must admit it can be intimidating laying it out there for critism, however after going through it with a trusted coach I found it to be not so bad an experience. In fact, I belive that the constructive critism has made me a better coach in the end. Simply we watched film together, looked over the playbook and he pointed out a few things that I could have been doing better and after hearing it from him I agreed! Simply put I'd much rather be exposed by another coach by watching film,then to have the same thing happen during the big game! Cheers!

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