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Friday, February 19, 2010

Be Cool Under Fire Coach!

Let's face it, we're only human. We can get fired up as easily as our athletes.

One problem though.

When we get ourselves fired up, we  tend to get caught up in our emotions, and like our athletes make bad decisions and hurt the team. So as coaches we need to train ourselves to be cool under fire.
We have to be rock solid when we face big challenges, game time decisions, poor officiating, and anything that can throw our team off their game. Our players will look to us for leadership and if we lose it, chances are they will as well.

It's important we are solid!

A good tip would be to discuss with your coaching staff all the possibilities of what could go wrong and how you as a coaching staff will handle it. Play it out before it happens. That way it makes it easier on you when the situations develop and you can make the right call. The point is you've already discussed the scenario from the comforts of your office under no pressure and made the decision. It makes it a lot easier!
Discuss the same possibilities with your players and tell them how you expect them to react.

Play through it or even better coach through it!

Oh yea! Chew lots of gum during the game. It really helps!


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