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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Its a lot faster down here!

Did you ever notice when you sit up in the stands how the game seems to slow down? There seems to be a lot of time for the coach to make decisions, adjustments, and the game just seems to be easier to read from the stands. I've noticed it many times. But I also know that down on the bench, or sidelines, that the game seems to be going at a faster rate and theres not much time to make decisions or evaluations. Did you also ever notice that a lot of teams have a coach up in a booth,or a spotter in the stands or on the clubhouse roof that communicates directly with the bench? Why? Because the game seems to slow down, you see more from above, your away from the pressures of managing the bench,your more focused and can make good decisions without any distractions. As well, you can see more clearly team play which sometimes is harder to evaluate at court, ice, or field level. Most team now tape their games from the stands. This has become a valuable tool for the coach to view the game afterwards from the comfort of his couch, with no game pressure and evaluate his team play. Kinda like sitting up in the stands!


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