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Monday, February 8, 2010

Vintage Trophies The Coolest Things

I kinda got this infatuation with old Vintage Trophies. You know the kind that you probably seen in the trophy case at your old Junior High School. I think that they're the coolest things! They represent to me a by-gone era before the modern technology explosion when people actually went out and participated in sporting events either as an athlete or a spectator. Did you ever look at the craftsmanship of these old trophies? Simply beautiful! You can well imagine the pride that went into these as well as the pride of receieving one of these and placing it up on the living room mantle. The hardwork in the craftsmanship seems to equal the hardwork that the athlete put into winning it. No plastic in these babies and built to last for sure! To me they represent an era where maybe, without the distractions of today, an athlete was more focused on the task at hand, the days seemed longer, and life was more simple. People talked more and athletes seemed to be more humble!


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