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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Linebacker Keys

When you refer to linebacker keys you refer to a triangle of players that your linebackers key on in order to get a good read on each play. The triangle would include the quarterback, over to the near offensive guard ,back to the near running back. These are the players that will give your linebackers the best read on where the ball is going.
Learning how to read the guards can be a great reading tool for your linebackers. By watching what they do a linebacker can read pass or run. For instance, a guard that pulls will take you to the play most of the time, a dropstep would indicate pass, crossing the line of scrimmage on the snap would indicate run,these are just a few keys that you can teach your linebacker on reading the guard. As well, the quarterback is a key factor and by learning how to read his keys such his position at the snap. Is he under the center or in a shot gun? On the snap, the way he opens up to the running back can indicate play side, or on the drop back, the side he is looking to can indicate where he is passing. The near running back can be a good key as well. Look at their feet, sometimes they point their feet where the ball is going or watch their eyes, sometimes they tend to stare at the hole they are going to run. As well, their first step on the snap can indicate play direction.

Ultimately, these are just keys, theres no guarantees, but they can help give your linebackers get a little edge. The main thing is that by focusing on these keys they are in turned focused on the play and in the game.


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