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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

P90X Work-out for Football Training

If you're looking for a solid work-out to get yourself into football shape then P90X is a great product to invest into. Like you I watched all the testimonies on television and I must admit that I was somewhat a sceptic, that is until I ordered the product myself and went through the program.

What you get is a series of DVD's along with a very nice book illustrating the various work-outs and tips as well as diets to follow that will get you the maximum results. The book is very informative with great pictures and explains each and every work-out. As you watch and participate, the trainer Tony Horton is exceptional in bringing you along at your own pace. The DVD is filmed in his gym and there is always several participants work-out with him in the video, in a way it's just like being at the gym.

One thing for sure, it will challenge you! At 45 years old I found it tough going in the early part of the program, but I hung in there and found it got easier each week and the results were great. I noticed the inches going down before the weight, probably because I was building muscle. I like it because I was able to do it in the comfort of my own home, and press the pause button when I needed to, in fact they recommend it.

As far as a work-out for football and being a football coach and former player myself I though it did a good job on covering all of the major core muscle groups. In fact there's even a few football type exercises included. Basically, all you need is some free weights, a chair, some exercise bands, and a pull up bar if you can get one, if not the bands will do the trick!

It's been a few months since I finished the program and as the weight creeps back on I am motivated to do the program once again. Give it a try, I recommend it for any football players or coaches!


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