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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Play Action plays in your Football Offence

Most youth football offensive co-coordinators implement some sort of play-action passes as part of their offensive football system. Basically, a play-action pass is a passing play disguised initially as a running play, or set up with a specific running play.

Most football offensive co-coordinators will run a specific running play many times through-out the game, all the time watching your linebackers come up hard and fast and making the tackle. Then, they'll run the same play once again, the running back will charge up to the line like he had been doing all along, the linebackers will charge hard as well, the quarterback will set to hand-off the ball and it appears to all that the play will be stuffed again, but this time the quarterback has kept the ball and is now throwing a pass to wide-open receiver who has curled in behind the vacated linebackers.

A lot of youth coaches do well in a play action football system where defenders read and react hard to the ball. Most times you'll see a play action pass along the goal line in order to take advantage of aggressive linebackers and safeties. Most times it works!

Running play-action will usually keep the opposing linebackers "honest" within their football system and they'll stay home a little longer which creates a little more time and space for your running back.


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