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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Youth Football Controlled Scrimmage

One of the best coaching tools is to organize a controlled scrimmage with one or more of your opponents. Ideally, organize it as part of your spring football program or have one before your first exhibition game. It allows the coaches to be right on the field during the play and enables the coach to instruct, adjust, and assist their specific groups.

It is a good way to develope a younger team that is inexperienced and tenative. Having the coaches on the field gives them confidence and allows the coaches a birds eye view of how the players are responding fundamenatally and they can immediately be coached up on mistakes and miscues.

Again, its a great coaching resource.

Usually, special teams are not factored in a controlled scrimmage and there are quick whistles on the ball carriers and quarterbacks so that nobody gets tee'd up. The terms of the controlled scrimmage are set by the oppossing head coaches whether it be timed quarters or a specific number of offensive plays each.

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