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Friday, July 2, 2010

Youth Football Fullback Orientated Offence

If you like a power game in football then you need to run a offence that includes a fullback in your backfield. Or perhaps your in a situation whereby you are a little short on the offensive line and a fullback in the backfield could be the answer to your problems.

Or perhaps you short yardage offence needs a little tune-up!

I like a fullback in the backfield especially with a small program where linemen can be short in supply. By going with a fullback in the backfield you are bringing perhaps your best blocker to the point of attack probably 95% of the time. As well, it can create more double teams for your smaller offensive line with your fullback going down to the second level at the linebacker or defensive back.

Ideally, your fullback candidate is probably your best pulling athletic offensive guard. Think of it as this way, instead of utilizing your best guard say in 50% of your plays, you put him in the backfield and bring him to the point of attack 95% of the time.

I like those odds!

Place an athletic tailback behind the fullback, coach your offensive line up to look for more double teams and watch your power game unfold with your best blocker getting down into the second level and move the football.

Another thing with the fullback orientated offence is that so many defences will key on the fullback that any misdirection plays such as counters will be very effective. As well, a fullback coming out of the backfield for a pass is also a big play.


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