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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Football Drills for Linebackers

Proper Drill Selection will enhance Linebacker Play:

Linebackers are the key tacklers in any youth football defence. They usually are the strongest football players fundamentally in your youth football defence. They are aggressive, read well, athletic, and have a knack for getting to the football, fighting through blocks to get to the ball carrier. When it comes to linebacker drills its important as a youth football coach to select proper drills that will enhance your linebacker's skills as well as eliminate weaknesses.

When you think of the linebacker position you think of stance, step, movement, block-shedding, tackling, pass rush, and pass defence. As well, you think of a football player that is tough enough to withstand a block and still get to the football.

An effective linebacker drill routine would cover all of these aspects. When selecting your linebacker drills, make sure that the drills you choose will cover all of the aspects of linebacker play. Movement drills and change of direction drills are very important towards effective linebacker play. As well, block shedding drills, and tackling drills need to be practiced regularly. As the linebacker position is a multi-task assignment it's important that you cover pass defence drills as well as pass rush type linebacker drills as part of your daily practice plan.


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