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Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring Football Agilty Drills

Power, Agility, And Speed Training For Football

With spring finally warming up it gets the football juices flowing and thoughts of football should be running through your head. Spring is a great time to evaluate your football systems and practice plans as well as equipment. Spring is also a great time to put the notice out to your football players that you will begin to run twice week agility drills in the local gym. The main thing regarding football agility drills is that all players and groups can do them together. You don't have to lump them together in groups.

One of the biggest elements of being an effective football player is that you have to be able to move your feet. For the smaller athletic guys it's quite natural for them to be able to do this, however the common problem in the bigger stronger guys, like your linemen, is that they can't move their feet. Yea, they're big and strong but can't move. Imagine if you spend some time with these guys on footwork agility drills and get them to be able to move their feet and become a little faster and confident because of it. Agility drills don't have to be a complicated process and all you really need to have as far as practice equipment is concerned is some flat rectangular bags, some cones, or a rope ladder.

Drills should consist of elements that require them to pick up their feet such as side stepping over the flat bags to change of direction drills such as back peddle and forward weave to rapid foot movement through a rope ladder.


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