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Monday, May 9, 2011

Linebacker Keys: Footwork Drills

Effective linebacker play means that you have to be athletic, agile, and quick in order to tackle the opposition's best athletes. One of the main linebacker keys is to practice footwork drills daily as part of your football practice plan.

Linebackers not only have to be athletic aggressive tacklers they have to be able to move quickly to the football. An effective practice plan for linebackers should include agility and movement drills that emphasize quick explosion and movement out of stance as well as drills that emphasize change of direction on the fly. These types of footwork drills should be done daily for 10 -15 minutes. A linebacker that cannot move will be exposed against an athletic running back as well as a solid offensive line.

Effective linebacker footwork drills will enhance your linebacker's ability to get to the ball, avoid blocks by being quick and agile, get to the ball and be able to tackle the ball carrier. Effective linebacker footwork drills done daily will make your athletic linebacker even more agile and quick. It's a good investment of practice time!

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