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Monday, June 6, 2011

Football System Terminology

Within a coaches football system you will find that there are many names and code words for specific plays, stunts and drills associated with their specific football system. A lot of times a coach's offence or defence can develop a whole new language of its own and to the newcomer coach or player that will work within this system the hardest part is just learning the lingo that is associated with each play. Coaches like to put their own personal stamp on their playbooks and one of the things they like to do is name or number their plays, stunts, and blitz's. One coach will refer to his middle linebacker blitz one way, while another coach will refer to it another way.

Basically, they're the same play but just called different names.

When consulting with other co-ordinators it can be confusing trying to figure out their lingo as they ramble on about their " Mad Dog Blitz" and a lot of times they will talk to you like you should understand what they are talking about, only in the end as they see the confusion on your face, that they need to explain their terminology. Once that's done, and you're on the same page, it becomes a lot easier to grasp.


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