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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Football Minor Programs

Recently, I read a post on line from a Middle School Coach who was peeved at the Head Coach of the High School football Team who wanted him to implement the same systems as he had at the High School Level. His rational was that the players of the middle school were going to eventually end up there anyway so it would benefit the players if they knew the High School system coming in and in the end make them more competitive. The Middle School coach was upset at the idea of this suggestion.

For the most part I can agree with both coaches but not with one or the other. I understand why the Middle School Coach wouldn't want any part of the High School Coaches systems. The point being that they are in Middle School so running the High School system would be probably too complex and unrealistic to do for that level. Keeping it simple, doing it well, while working on fundamentals would be the ideal situation. Players arriving at High School with good fundamentals would be just as important.

The other hand is that while not adopting or mirroring the systems of the High School program the Middle School could use some of the same terminology, some of the blocking schemes, and a few of the plays that aren't too complex for them to handle. That way they would have some foundation when trying to make the jump to High School. Ideally, both coaches would respect each others ideas and come to some common ground.

Guest coaching would be one alternative to introduce some basic schemes and drills or even having a combined practice. This has worked well for me in the past keeping in mind that the age groups stick together when doing the drills. It seems to break the ice between programs and removes the "unknown factor".


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