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Monday, February 22, 2010

Team Awards

Like all programs, at the end of the year or season there usually is a team banquet or awards night. Parents and players gather for an evening of speeches, awards, gifts, and presentations. Players are honoured individually in various categories and receive their awards with big grins as parents snap the moment up with their digital cameras and go home happily to celebrate their selection.

One problem though! Not everybody goes home as happy!

Chances are someone is disappointed in the award selections and the whole season just went down the tubes for them.

Its tough selecting individual awards. Especially after preaching the team concept to your players all season. Do it for the team, take it for the team, the team, the team. Team systems, team play, don't be individuals, play like a team!

You see what I mean?

I'm not a big fan. They are nice and everything, but an individual award seems to go against all the principles that you laid in place all season long. You ask them to play like a team and then reward individuals. It doesn't seem fair!

I'm bad for players sharing awards or awarding the team as the MVP Defence or Offence. I also like to get certificates for players for their team service, kinda honors them for their commitment. Still, not everyone goes home happy but hopefully the majority does which is really the only thing you can hope to accomplish


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