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Monday, February 22, 2010

Reading into your Loss

Sometimes you will play very well, work hard and execute your systems with limited mistakes, play tough, out-shoot your opponent and still suffer a loss.

Kinda sounds funny doesn't it. This will happen to you and your team  eventually at some point.

Certainly nobody likes to lose a match particularly when your team has for the most part played well ,but it is possible for your team to play well and still come up on the short side of the score.

That's just the way she goes!

The main thing is not to try to read into too much with the loss. Probably the worse thing you can do as a coach is to shake things up at this point. You don't want to send your players the wrong message! Especially if the effort was there and they competed hard within the team system.

Probably the best message to give your team is that losses can happen even if you play hard and play well. The only thing is that nobody said you have to like it and certainly use it as motivation in your next match-up.


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