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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Holding Players Accountable

Within your team system there are many positional assignments. Players are coached up to be responsible within the system and are expected to execute their assignments. By doing this they put the team in the best situation in order to be successful. Breakdowns occur usually when a player veers out of his assignment and as a result the team is exposed or out manned giving your opponent the advantage. Usually what happens is that when one veers out, another player will veer out as well in order to cover the mistake. Now instead of just having one player miss his assignment, you now have two players and things begin to unravel in a hurry as the system breaks down. Your players now are running around and the end result is usually a penalty, foul, or a score.
As a coach its important that you as the administrator of this system hold each and every one of your players accountable to it and their assignment. When break-downs occur its usually the result of one player making a mistake and another player trying to cover it for them.

Now instead of dealing with one mistake your dealing with two mistakes.

Its important that you point this out to your players, they need to be disciplined within the system and their assignment. Mistakes will occur at all levels. Its bound to happen. But, if you can limit the mistakes and play within your assignment, you increase your chances of being successful.


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