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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Team Goals

Now that you have your system in place, its time to set up some team goals with your players. Team goals are basically minimum standards that you set as the coach in order to challenge your players to play and compete at a high level at all times. Team goals could be the number of shots you have on goal or the number of shots you give up on your own goal. It could be the number of penalties, the number of yards gained per run or given up or even the percentage of power play opportunities that you capitalize on in your games. It could be the percentage of points scored from the foul line or even the number of wins you need to make the play-offs or to secure first place overall.

Whatever it is, they are set by you as the coach and set the bar as far as how you want your team to compete each and every game.

For the most part, if you meet your team goals every game, chances are that you have had a good day. As well, team goals can be motivation for your players and a great coaching tool. It can keep them focused and motivated to play within the system and not take plays "off" which can happen frequently at the youth level.

It builds a sense of pride within the team to meet the challenge of the team goals. The main thing is not to set the standards too high or unrealistic, otherwise it can back-fire on you.

In other words don't ask your players to do something that their not capable of doing.


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