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Friday, February 4, 2011

High School Football Success with Good Angles

Does this title make any sense? Do good angles bring success on the football field? Absolutely and here's why! When you think of a good downblock or open field block the best ones usually come from the blocker engaging the defender from an angle. Most times the defender is so pre-occupied with the ball carrier that he is less aware of the blocker coming from the angle and so is vulnerable. That why we as coaches always teach our defenders to keep their head on a swivel or in other words be aware of who is in your area as you pursue to the ball so that you do not put yourselve in a vulnerable position and can engage each block as you work towards the football.

Secondly, a lot of teams with an undersized O-line will develope a blocking scheme that has good angles so that the undersized man who is quick and agile can effectively block a much bigger opponent by attacking him from a good angle.

On the defensive side of the ball, teaching your players good angles of attack such as in contain responsibilty where the player with the contain assignment becomes an outside hip player so attacks the ball from the outside in, and forces the ball back inside where theres help. The same can be said for an inside linebacker who attacks the outside hip of the quarterback if he breaks contain to pressure the play as well as force the quarterback back inside. As well, a backside defensive back is taugh their angles of pursuit for each play that is run away from them so that they have a chance to make a game saving tackle should the opposition break for a long gain.

All in all, a team coached up with angles in mind on both sides of the ball are tough to compete against!

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