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Friday, February 4, 2011

High School Football Coach- Football Game Preparation

A High School Football coach for the most part is like a salesman. They have to sell their football systems and motivate their team to perform and make them feel that they are getting the best deal in town. A football coach likes to be in control of the game and if you're in control you usually are having a good day on the grid-iron.

But, what about the uncontrollable? For instance, how talented, big, and good is your next opponent?

How do you prepare your team?

Well, you have to emphasize to your football players the controllable. Like, be disciplined, play the system, limit your mistakes. Don't take bad penalties to give them any extra advantage and most importantly choose to outwork and play hard at all times.

Talented football teams play the game with ease and if you let them have time and space they'll hurt you. But when you force them to work for that time and space it can close the talent gap and keep things close and give your team a chance.
Finally, emphasize to your team, that you cannot control how good the opponent is, or their size, or their team record. You can only control how hard you work, whether or not you choose to execute your assignment, and the fact that hopefully, their talent will challenge your football athletes and will bring the best out of your players.


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